Franklin Terrace Ballroom

Franklin Terrace Ballroom, formerly Mario’s, built in the early 1900s, provides a backdrop for any event bringing together our union of history with your unique style and traditions. The romantic and historic setting with its distinctive architecture has been recently entirely refurbished by the owners of Franklin Plaza Ballroom and Michael’s Catering Service. Large sliver framed mirrors, lavish décor, tapestry, antique foyer furniture, a spacious dance floor and an atmosphere of emanating warmth make this space the perfect match for any special event. Our custom plated entrées, hors d’oeuvres, and hand made desserts prepared by Michael’s Catering, elegantly displayed make for an appetizing attraction for you and your guests. Whatever your season, whatever your style, The Franklin Terrace has everything you need to create a personalized event that will not only be memorable but unforgettable.


126 Campbell Avenue Troy, NY 12180