Dyken Pond Summer Public Programs:

Dyken Pond is a 134-acre lake, located in northwest Berlin, south of Grafton Lakes State Park. Formerly a small pond, it was enlarged to its current size in 1902, after a dam was built to regulate water power & reduce flooding. The dam was constructed by the Manning Paper Company, who later donated their land holdings in the vicinity of the pond to Rensselaer County in 1973. That land became part of the Dyken pond Environmental Education Center, a 594 acre property that is accessible to the public for the purpose of outdoor recreation, and low-impact recreation.

Here’s a list of what will be offered throughout the summer:

*June 1 // 9am -noon // National Trails Day — Lace up your boots, dust off your work gloves and volunteer to clear trails in the morning, eat a free BBQ lunch, and then enjoy the trails, or a paddle in the afternoon. –Pre-registration required.

*June 15 // 10am – noon// Playing in the Pond — Come find what out what is lurking at the bottom of a pond. Catch & release frogs, salamanders, insects, and other creepy crawlies. Pre-registration required. All ages. Cost is $3.00

*June 29 // 5pm – 8pm// Hill Hollow Band — FREE concert.

*June 29// 9am – 11am// Finding Fish –find out who lives in Dyken pond and how best to catch them. Fishing poles & tackle provided. This is a class for new fishermen. Pre-registration¬† required, $3.00

*July 09 // 10am -noon// Build Like A Beaver — Walk one mile to a wetland to see a beaver lodge and dam, while discovering some of the beaver’s amazing abilities. Then see if you have what it takes to dam a stream like a beaver. Pre-registration required. Cost is $3.00

*July 13 // 5pm -8pm// Music Under The Tree’s: Jack Empie & Friend, performing a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. Free Concert

*July 18 // 9am -3:30pm// Family Camp: Experience the fun of an outdoor adventure camp all in one day. Youth may attend if accompanied by a parent, or grandparent. Offering Forest walks, campfire, fishing, archery, kayaking and nature discovery. Pre-registration required.

*July 23 // 10am -11:30pm// Superhero Hike: Walk in the woods while adopting the superpowers (adaptations) of plants and animals along the way. Fly like a bird, turn invisible through camouflage, jump higher than humanly possible, and possess superhero strength, plus so much more. Feel free to dress up as your favorite superhero. For preschool aged youth & above. Pre-registration required. Cost is $3.00

*July 27 // 10am – noon// Playing in the Pond II: Pre-registration required. Cost is $3.00

*Aug 06 // 9am – 11am// Finding Fish II: Pre- registration required .Cost is $3.00

For additional info, call, 518 658-2055


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